Tish McCrea is the president of Jungle Treats and currently lives in Huntington NY, working as an acupuncturist in her private practice since 1999. Fitness, nutrition, and an interest in health has been her lifestyle for as long as she can remember. Tish's enthusiasm for baking came at a young age and was influenced by her mother and grandmother who both insisted on homemade everything!

Tish started Jungle Treats in 2008 out of necessity. While training for an Ironman triathlon, it became clear to her that nutritious gluten free snacks were not easy to find. She began baking in her kitchen and developed a delicious nut bar to help fuel her through long training days. These bars instantly became popular with all her friends and family. One of her sisters convinced her to market them and Jungle Treats, Inc. was born. In 2009 she was one of the first to perfect a delicious organic kale snack called Kale Krisps. After producing Kale Krisps for several years, it was time for something new. Who doesn't love brownies? How about a brownie with dark chocolate, coconut flour, coconut oil, herbs and super foods! With her education in herbal medicine and familiarity with current health trends she went back into the kitchen and developed BROWNIE FIX.

Tish's creative mind is constantly thinking of new possible healthy snack ideas. What will the next Jungle Treat be?